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Why play Wild Bandito?


  1. Short game review
  2. What is Wild Bandito?
  3. Guide about playing
  4. The free spins feature – an important functionality of Wild Bandito gameplay
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Short game review

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Wild Bandito represents a great slot for the casino players that enjoy having fun online. The theme features the Wild West civilization, during the cowboy era. It has a demo version, but also a real-money version. You can win exciting rewards with this online slot and get some nice bonuses. So how to play Wild Bandito? How to get started? Read this full guide to find out!

What is Wild Bandito?

Wild Bandito is that video slot game from PG Soft that is about a trio of Mexican team of bandits that steal gold mines at night. However, during the day, they perform mariachi music. It is suitable for beginners, but also for advanced players. There are a lot of bonus systems available when it comes to this slot machine, such as:

  • Free spins
  • Scatter symbols
  • Gold framed symbols
  • Free fall mechanism

The minimum deposit is 0.10$. However, there are many ways to enjoy this immersive casino game. For example, you can try the demo version of Wild Bandito, during which you don’t have to pay anything. Just see if the game is the perfect casino game for you. For that, you will need an online casino that offers this option.

How to play Wild Bandito? Check out this guide

great slot wild bandito

Wild Bandito slot machine has a medium volatility level, which means that there is the possibility for you to get paid more often. With this functionality, you can rest assured that you can manage your bankroll efficiently. The maximum win is up to 25000x your initial bet. However, how can I play Wild Bandito?

  1. The game has five reels and has 1024 ways for you to win. 
  2. Get started with the game by spinning the wheels.
  3. You can also take advantage of the automatic spins.
  4. Spin the wheels until a winning combination appears on the reels.
  5. Enjoy the game!

In addition to all this, you should know about the symbols which may appear, which include:

  • A shot of tequilla
  • Guitars
  • Scatter symbols
  • Cactuses
  • Skeletons

The skeleton outlaw symbol is the wild icon and can replace all the other symbols. The progressive multiplier is also available and the free spins represent a great feature. 

In order to play safely at this online gambling game, you should know how to manage your bankroll. Simply set your budget and stick to it in order to avoid losses.

The free spins feature – an important functionality of Wild Bandito gameplay

Wild Bandito makes it really easy to play online at slot machines. The increasing multipliers and the golden framed symbols are nice functionalities of this game. However, you should also know about the functionality of free spins, which can make your experience the most exciting one.

With this feature, you can get a lot of spins for which you do not have to pay anything. They are offered by the game and the free spins functionality is activated by the Scatter symbols.

Get started with Wild Bandito by choosing the free spins functionality right away!

Play from any device!

wild bandito conclusion

What is really interesting about this slot machine is that it is available both for mobiles and for desktops. It is really important to say that Wild Bandito mobile is available in any casino. The development of mobile gaming made PG Soft take this decision. In other words, you can enjoy this slot machine from any device, may it be a PC, Android or iOS device.

The game is available in 22 languages, so that your experience is the best one.


To sum up, we hope that this guide has helped you understand how to play Wild Bandito. You can get started with this game right away and enjoy an immersive experience with it. Don’t forget to try the demo version first, so that you can see if the game is the right choice for you. Get started here:


Is Wild Bandito a good choice?

Yes! Wild Bandito is among the most played games when it comes to online gambling. You can get started with the demo version to see whether this slot is for you, but you will definitely love it.

Why choose this slot?

Choose Wild Bandito in order to get an immersive gambling experience. Moreover, the majority of players choose to play it because of its theme and huge potential payouts.

Can I try a demo version?

Totally! A demo version for you is available at online casinos. So get started now!

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